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Exhibitor Information 

"Frequently Asked Questions"

Physical address of NC State Fairgrounds:

1025 Blue Ridge Road | Raleigh, NC 27607

We accept credit cards, cash, checks, or money orders.

Show hours are:

Friday 11-8

Saturday 9-7

Sunday 9-4

All exhibits and booths must have attendants at all times during show hours.


Exhibitor check-in at the Show Office from 8 AM to 7 PM on Thursday, or 8 AM to

10 AM on Friday. You MUST check in at the Show Office next to the main entrance before

going to your assigned booth. At check in you will receive your Exhibitor ID’s and an Exhibitor

Info Packet. A Vehicle Pass MUST be issued for any vehicles entering the building for

UNLOADING and LOADING purposes. All parking during the show is first come, first served.


There will be 24 hr security in all buildings of the Dixie Deer Classic. You may work through

the night Thursday if necessary to complete setup. The Show Office will open at 8 AM on Friday.

Setup time Friday is from 8:00 AM until 11:00 AM; however, vehicles must be removed from the

buildings by 10 AM.


You will also receive information and an application for the next year's Dixie Deer Classic. If you wish to retain your space from the previous year, we must have your application and deposit prior to April 1 of this year's DDC. We will accept applications and deposits during the show in the show office for next year's DDC.


Move out on Sunday: Vehicles will not be allowed in the buildings prior to 5:45 PM unless it is

deemed safe by the Show Management. We will have gentlemen on the floor directing traffic. We

request that you have everything packed up and ready to be loaded before driving a vehicle into

the building. Exhibitors that take less than 30 minutes to load will be allowed in first. If you

require more than 30 minutes, you will be allowed in after those with much smaller loads. All

buildings must be cleared on Sunday evening. If you have a freight carrier that will be picking up

a shipment on Monday, please check at the Show Office for placement of the shipment.


There will be forklift service available from Southern Exhibition Services, for a small fee,

during move-in and move-out.


Exhibitor ID must be work at all times. Security ID wristbands will be issued to each of your individuals listed on your badge form. ID's will only be issued at the Show Office. Exhibitors will be allowed into the show one hour prior to show opening. Please let us know if you need access to your space before this time, or need to remain in the building after hours.


If you need to access vehicles during show hours, the FLOOR MANAGERS, will direct you where to park it for access. Do not park trailers or over-size vehicles in lined off parking spaces.


Shipments to the show cannot be delivered before February 26 (including UPS). If your shipment will arrive prior to that, it should go to Southern Exhibition Services (call them at 919-687-4970 or 800-882-7469 for instructions.


Raffles may only be conducted by tax exempt organizations, and an organization representative must be on site. WE REQUIRE that the raffle be registered with us. We must have a copy of the Charter letter of the 501-C-3 or 501-C-4 organization. Drawing date and time should be clearly posted in the booth. Winners of drawings held during the show may be announced on stage at the conclusion of the Awards Ceremony on Suday. Drawing should be held at your booth and the results brought to the stage by 4:30 pm.


If you need telephone service installed in your exhibit space, please contact AT&T at 800-625-887. Please request that the line and equipment be installed prior to the Classic opening. There is FREE wireless internet service on the entire NC State Fairgrounds campus. Check with the Show Office for directions on how to log in.


Game Call salesmen are not placed in Building Three, nor in the central section of Building One. If you are in Building Three and will be selling calls of any type, please let us know so that we may move you to another building. Game call salesmen are cautioned to keep "calling" to a minimum. Please do not "call" in customers, restrict calling to demonstrations.


Sunday morning there will be a prayer service in Seminar One at 7:30 am conducted by Ridgecrest Outdoor Ministries. This is a great fellowship to start Sunday off Right!


Important Excerpts from Your Contract


SALES TAX - Exhibitors that are making sales and delivering tangible goods in the State of North Carolina are required to collect and report sales tax. To do so, you must have an NC Tax ID number, and you are also required to report the Tax ID number to the Dixie Deer Classic. Any exhibitor without the proper credentials is subject to have all sales stopped by an NC Department of Revenue Auditor.


Subletting or donation of space, partially or in its entirety, is not permissable without the written consent of the show management. Shared spaces must have ALL parties' names included on the rental agreement.


All exhibits and projects must be kept within the confines of the exhibitor's leased space. Displays and projects are limited to 10 feet high across the back and 3 feet high on the sides; for the front 5 feet in depth. Soliciting or placing merchandise in the aisles is stricly forbidden.


Consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises of the show is stricly forbidden, and is unlawful. Violators are subject to eviction, and/or prosecution.


Firearms on display, which are within reach of the public, must be disabled in such a way as to prevent loading and/or firing. The sale of "Blow Guns" is prohibited.


No cooking is allowed except for the preparation of "samples". Distribution of samples of sufficient size or quantity that could be considered a meal is not allowed. All food products sold must be pre-packaged.


Video Tapes and DVDs used in exhibits are subject to screening by show management to insure they are keeping with the family atmosphere of the show. Only approved tapes may be shown to the public. Volume levels of TVs and Public Address Systems are subject to adjustment by show management.


NO DOGS or other animals will be permitted in the show, unless they are an integral part of an exhibit, and prior permission is received from the show management. This means that your original contract must describe or list you or your company as a kennel or trainer, no exceptions.


Exhibits may not be dismantled or packed up prior to show closing on Sunday, without express written permission from the show management.


Please keep in mind that ALL of the workers at the Dixie Deer Classic are VOLUNTEERS. The guys wearing the khaki shirts are members of the Wake County Wildlife Club and are your best source for information and/or assistance, although many of the other volunteers have been working with us for many years, and DO know what they are doing and what is going on.


Thank you, and we hope this year's Dixie Deer Classic meets all your expectations.


Bruce Blackwell

General Manager

Dixie Deer Classic

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