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Entry Categories

All trophy entries must have been taken during previous hunting season except Non-Hunting, Best in Show and Presidential Award

All North Carolina categories will have 4 divisions:

1. Male

2. Female

3. Youth Male*

4. Youth Female*

*Youth divisions are for trophies taken in NC by hunters 15 years old and under. Minimum score for youth in any category is 95.


If there are no entries received higher than the minimum score in any category, no award will be given by DDCSC.


At times conflicts or exceptions in judging may occur. The DDC Scoring Committee reserves the right to make changes in entry rules at any time. All decisions by DDCSC will be final.

North Carolina Awards

Best by Gun - Typical

Best by Gun - Non-typical

Best by Muzzleloader - Typical Minimum score 140

Best By Muzzleloader - Non-typical Minimum score 155

Best By Bow - Typical (Recurve or Compound) Minimum score 100

Best By Bow - Non-typical (Recurve or Compound) Minimum score 125

Best By Crossbow - Typical Minimum score 140

Best By Crossbow - Non-Typical Minimum score 155

Virginia Awards

Best Typical by Gun

Best Non-typical by Gun

Best Typical by Bow

Best Non-typical by Bow

Best Typical by Muzzleloader

Best Non-typical by Muzzleloader

Best Typical By Crossbow

Best Non-Typical By Crossbow

South Carolina Awards

Best in South Carolina

Miscellaneous Awards

Best In Show

Presidential Award

Non-hunting - Any location

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