2020 North Carolina State and Southeastern Open

Call Makers Competition

The basis for this competition is to determine each call's stand-alone merit of how well it performs in the hands of a hunter. The judges of this competition will be a qualified panel of experienced hunters who will grade each call on the prescribed criteria.

All entries will be sold at the silent auction at a 50/50 split (unless entry fee waiver is elected for 100% donation) at the Dixie Deer Classic or eBay. The 50/50 split entitles the call maker to 50% of the auction bid and the remaining 50% goes to support the NC State Chapter of the NWTF. Names, recognition and competition placement (if applicable) will be displayed with each entry at the auction.

The form has 2 copies...one copy must go on the outside of the box and one is for your records. It is very important that this procedure be followed. Please do not put the form INSIDE the box; it must be on the outside so we can get your call(s) registered without opening the box.


Deer must be scored by 5 PM Saturday to be eligible for awards. The DDC will only score deer that were harvested in

compliance with the B&C and P&Y fair chase position statements.