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Exhibitor Space

The Dixie Deer Classic was conceived back in 1981, and was the first successful hunting show of its kind. The show has grown greatly from its simple beginning as a one day gathering in a 20,000 square foot building to its current three day event in three buildings totaling almost 180,000 square feet. For several years now our exhibit space has sold out well in advance of the show and there are consistently many potential venders on our waiting list, even though there are always last minute cancellations.


The show is held at the NC State Fairgrounds in the Jim Graham Building, Exposition Center, and Dorton Arena totaling almost 180,000 square feet. The North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, North Carolina is located in the center of the Research Triangle Area of Central North Carolina within easy driving distance for more than a million people. The show has sold an average of 20,000 three-day admission tickets the past few years, with many taking advantage of the multiple day admission. Local motel/hotel operators report good weekend business due to out of town visitors to the show staying over night to attend more than one day. Many venders report complete sell out of their merchandise, and some outfitters have reported booking their entire weeks of their hunting season. Many venders tell us that they make more sales at the Dixie Deer Classic than they do at any other show, including longer shows.


The Dixie Deer Classic is a family oriented event, and we try to offer something for everyone. Appropriate dress and behavior is expected of all exhibitors and their staff throughout the show. For our visitors to remember the show there is a FREE souvenir program distributed to the attendees. It contains articles and stories related to the current show, and plenty of room for our exhibitors to place their ads. Many exhibitors have reported post-show sales to Dixie Deer Classic attendees that reached them from their ad in the program. You will be contacted by our media agent concerning ad space for your company or you may contact Forest Pursuits Marketing at 1-618-638-2743 or email at

Standard indoor exhibit space at the Dixie Deer Classic comes under two different sizes.


1. Booths ($625-$725) are ten foot by ten foot and are defined by pipe and drape with an eight-foot backdrop and three-foot sides. They are supplied with an eight-foot vinyl draped table, two chairs, carpet, and a strip sign. Electricity is available free of charge. Corner booths ($700) are equipped with an additional six-foot vinyl draped table. Decorations may not exceed ten feet on the back line or three foot on the sides for the front five feet.

2. Store Booths ($1,800-$2,800) are twenty feet by twenty feet and are defined by pipe and drape with an eight-foot backdrop and eight-foot sides for the back ten feet. The front ten feet are defined by three-foot drapes. They are supplied with four eight-foot vinyl draped tables and six chairs, a carpet, and a strip sign. Electricity is available free of charge. There are some 20’ x 30’ store booths available for $2800. Store Booths are primarily located in rows A and L of Building One, although there may be some in Building Three if floor plan adjustments allowed for them. 

Specialty Space

1. Bulk space ($5.00 per square foot) must be negotiated prior to final floor plan publishing as it usually involves adjustment to the plan as space would exceed that of normal booths. A minimum of 1600 square feet will be contracted. Space will be custom decorated to suit the needs of the vendor.


2. Gun Sale Tables ($100) are available only in Building Two (Dorton Arena) to FFL dealers that are selling firearms. A minimum of four (4) eight foot tables may be rented. Space in this venue is very limited.

3. Outside Space ($1.00 per square foot) is available for exhibitors with products that are not suitable or cost
prohibitive to display indoors. A minimum of 400 square feet will be contracted. We can assist in tenting if so desired.


Exhibitor Application Process
To apply for exhibit space, complete the Exhibitor Application Form and submit it “on-line” or print downloadable copy and mail.

Be specific about the products or services that you will be offering at the Dixie Deer Classic. Your application will be reviewed by the Contract Committee and evaluated. Due to limited space availability, all new exhibitors will be judged as to whether their products suit the criteria of the Committee for a family oriented HUNTING show. The overall quantity of existing exhibitors with the same or similar products will also be evaluated; the Committee is free to limit the quantity of exhibitors selling the same or similar product/service.

Exhibitor Identification
Exhibitor Identification is issued free of charge to exhibit personnel in quantities as follows: Four (4) badges for each exhibitor. Two (2) additional badges will be issued for the second booth, and another one (1) badge for increments in space above that. Each individual is required to have a identification and wear it at all times, no badge sharing. The personnel listing must be submitted prior to Januray 15, but adjustments may be made up until show opening. You may use the back of the form for additional space if required. To download a copy of the badge request form go here.

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