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2015 Attractions

Dressed to Kill

DRESSED TO KILL is a reality TV Series that follows the lives of a group of female hunters through the inevitable ups & downs, victories & challenges we all experience at times in life. The girls that make up the DRESSED TO KILL Pro Staff are just “normal“ girls striving to balance or sometimes barely juggle a life of Hunting Big Game, making a living, maintaining relationships with family & friends & everything else life throws at them. In each episode of DRESSED TO KILL, you will witness some of the best hunts & biggest game all through the eyes of our attractive girls living their lives to the fullest on our Reality Hunting TV Series! 

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Fred and Michele Eichler

Fred Eichler is a man of personal achievement.  His passion for bowhunting has taken him all over the world in pursuit of his next adventure.  Fred truly believes that any animal with a bow is a trophy.  His personal quest to complete the North American Super Slam with a recurve bow reflects that state of mind.  In mid August of 2009 Fred harvested a cow Tule Elk to become the first to take all 29 North American big game animals with a recurve bow and complete the Super Slam.  

Michele Eichler has been in the archery industry for over 25 years. She lives in Trinidad, Colorado, with her husband, Fred, and their three sons, Jeb, 14, Seth, 11, and Trent, 4. 

Mike Stroff

Mike, 31, was born on Camp Lejeune Marine Corp base in Jacksonville, NC. He grew up there and attended East Carolina University where he graduated in 2003. Mike is married to Christina Stroff and has a daughter Amelia Stroff who is four years old and son Michael who is 1 year old. Mike and his family now call South Texas Home where they run their hunting operation SOE HUNTS and Host Savage Outdoors TV.

Mike started in the outdoor industry at a very young age. His family owned and operated Flatwoods Outfitters, which was a shooting complex for rifle, pistol, shotgun, and also had 3D archery ranges. To complement the shooting complex, they had a gun shop, archery shop, and black powder store on site. As a young man, Mike learned the retail side of the hunting industry working in the family business.

Mike's family also owned and operated a commercial hunting lodge in South Carolina. He spent a lot of his teenage summers working there. They specialized in hog, deer, and turkey hunting. In the late 90's they sold their hunting lodge in SC and bought Bowlin Camps in Northern Maine, which was a bear, deer, moose, and fishing operation. 

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Roger and Ayla

Roger Sigler, innovator and business entrepreneur for most of his adult life, has always been actively involved in animal training. As an active member of the German Shorthair Club, he field trialed his own dogs for years. In 1968 he started training professionally and over the next 38 years trained hundreds of dog. 

Sporting breeds were his specialty; pointers, shorthairs, setters, Labradors, etc. To expand his training as much as possible he spent every year for the next 25 seasons on the Canadian prairie with his string of dogs. His interests in training lead him to work in other training venues, such as Schutzhund, a German discipline focused on guard, obedience and scent work. Roger worked with many of the top scent dog trainers, nationally. He has spent hundreds of hours in seminars and hands-on courses with experts like Marian and Bob Bailey and Ogden Lindsley. He expanded his training knowledge by working with marine mammal trainer, Dr .Jennifer Hurley, Ph.D., at her Marine Mammal Training Center in Moss Landing, Ca. 

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