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The Wake County Wildlife Club has been planning all year for another successful DDC in 2021.  We have been closely monitoring the effect Covid 19 has been having on North Carolina and the country.  As everyone is aware, Covid 19 cases across North Carolina and the country have increased.   As a result, we regrettably decided to cancel the 2021 DDC due to the risk of Covid 19 to our customers, exhibitors, volunteers and members.  We will immediately start planning for a successful DDC to be held in March, 2022 and hope to see everyone there.  We realize this decision raises a lot of questions regarding how to get deer scored from the current 2020 hunting season, as well as other questions.  We will be working through these questions, and will communicate the answers in the coming weeks as we work through them.  Let's all stay healthy and we hope to see you at the 2022 DDC!     

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