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Contest Results from the 2017 Dixie Deer Classic

VA best by gun, non-typical, BEST IN SHOW, Brent Boney
NC best by gun, typical, PRESIDENT'S AWARD, Chester Townes
Non-hunting, PRESIDENT'S AWARD, Derin Daniels
VA best by crossbow, typical, Rodney Wingfield
VA best by bow, typical, Eric Bethune, deer held by Eric's father Danny Bethune
VA best by muzzleloader, non-typical, Brandon Beck
VA best by muzzleloader, typical, Jason Hazelwood
NC best by crossbow, non-typical, Chris Mundy
NC best by crossbow, typical, Jordan Hall
NC Best by bow, non-typical, Scottie Morris
NC best by bow, typical, Tim Warren
NC female, best by bow, typical, Tootie Morris
NC best by muzzleloader, typical, Clyde Watson
NC best by gun, non-typical, R.J. Taylor
NC female, best by gun, typical, Tori Henderson
NC Female, best by crossbow, non-typical, Carla Inman
NC Youth male, best by crossbow, typical, Hayden Nance
NC youth female, best by crossbow, typical, Courtney Watkinks
NC youth male, best by muzzleloader, typical, Gantt Reasoner
NC youth male, best by gun, non-typical, Spencer Tingen
NC youth female, best by gun, non-typical, Casey Haizlip
NC youth male, best by gun, typical, Carson Reese
NC youth female, best by gun, typical, Alecia Bateman (1)
VA youth, best by muzzleloader, typical, Blake Pike
Best bear bow, Albert Krelie
Best bear gun, Preston Harris
Best bear, youth, bow, Blake Pike
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Deer must be scored by 5 PM Saturday to be eligible for awards. The DDC will only score deer that were harvested in

compliance with the B&C and P&Y fair chase position statements.

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