2014 Seminar Description




Instructor: Rachel Athila; Beth Gunn

Email:rachel.ahtila@gmail.com; beth.gunn@ncwildlife.org

Rachel Athila Bio: Rachel Athila, a backwoods, country-grown girl, that is making her way in a historic profession in a 21st century industry. Rachel is the 2013 winner of the PROIS AWARD.

At 25, Rachel has become a sought after professional hunting guide, camerawoman, photographer, writer, presenter, and an ethically balanced young woman in a tough industry. Her passion is wildlife conservation coupled with the tenacity and tireless motivation to become an accomplished guide despite her typecast. 

Born in Kelowna British Columbia, Rachel started as a helping hand with an outfitter in Northern BC in 1999 at the age of 11. For the next 13 years, Rachel learned the ropes of outfitting and eventually guiding Stone’s Sheep, Mountain Goat, Canadian Moose, Timber Wolf, Black Bear, Grizzly, and Rocky Mountain Elk.  In 2009-2010, she spent a year living and hunting abroad in the mountains on the South Island of New Zealand and then returned to Canada and to her beloved mountains where fate had other plans in store, and turned her life around in a big way. She was quickly picked up as a subcontractor to Jim Shockey’s Professionals. Noted as the first female character on the series, it is an international reality TV-show that documents the life and experiences of professional guides in Shockeys’ Canadian Territories. She  guides for Scoop Lake Outfitters, Gana River Outfitters, Sikanni River Outfitters and is heavily involved with, and a ‘sustaining member’ of, the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia,  a non-profit organization that promotes guide outfitting to the public sector through endorsements of responsible, sustainable and ethical use of the wildlife resources. When she is not walking the ridges and valleys, her passion is horses, writing and photography. Her first freelance publication ran in “Wild Deer & Hunting Adventures”, Australia, back in 2011. This has now blossomed into a full time contract, and the articles are appearing on stands worldwide.


Beth Gunn Bio: As the Program Coordinator at the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and an avid NC outdoor woman, Beth is uniquely skilled in introducing women to the many hunting/fishing opportunities that our state has to offer.  She is a former Ranger for the NC State Park system and a graduate of NC State University in wildlife and fisheries biology.


Presentation: Becoming an Outdoors Woman is a national program that helps women to obtain an introduction and/or practice in many outdoor skills. Classes such as shooting shotguns, rifles and handguns, archery, boating, bird watching, fishing and nature photography are just a few of the introductory or advanced skills being taught at a BOW event. In this seminar join Rachel Athila to learn more about these awesome women only programs. Rachel grew up in a hunting family so was introduced to nature and shooting skills at a young age but most women didn’t have that type of opportunity. BOW is a fun, non-threatening way to be introduced to these skills that can happen only in the great outdoors.


North Carolina’s big BOW weekend is the last weekend in May, 2014. Several free admissions to this event will be given away to a few lucky women who attend these seminars as well as some other special prizes.



Instructor: Steve Stone – Director, American Wildlife Refuge

Website:  http://www.awrefuge.org

Email: awrefuge@aol.com

Bio: Steve Stone has run the American Wildlife Refuge since 2001. He has Federal and State licenses to rescue hawks, eagles, owls, falcons, and more. He is also licensed to keep birds of prey for educational shows. Through his care and work, many orphaned or injured raptors are returned to the wild, healthy and able. Steve has worked with many species of raptors that few in North Carolina have ever seen. He has rehabilitated over 600 birds.

Steve brings his educational animals to thousands of children each year.To date his 1000+ education shows have been seen by approximately 1.5 million people. He is one of the few people in the state who has an educational eagle.  Steve teaches NC Wildlife officers and NC State Park Rangers courses in raptor recognition, handling and behavior so they can better deal with the public and animals in the parks.  He also teaches a college course which is recognized by the NC Veterinary Board and the US Department of Interior for professional education credit.

Presentation: We will teach people about the birds of prey we have with us, including an eagle, hawks, falcon, vulture and some owls.  We will tell stories of the birds, of rescues, and talk about some of the myths that people think are true about birds of prey. We will also let people get up close to the animals and let some of them (for a fee) take photos with the animals.

Volunteers: Steve Stone, Christina Marquis and Katherine Townsend



Instructor: Kirk Vaughan

Website:   www.nchoundonarope.com

Email: countryboybloodtracking@gmail.com

Bio:  Certified Instructor- International Bowhunter Education Program / Bowhunter - NC Hunter Education Instructor , Life Member NCBA , Chairmen for NCBA / Blood Tracking Program. Proud Supporter of United Blood Trackers Blood Tracker-Dog Handler Certified : MAC Bluetick Beagle UBT-2 With Sent-shoes Come Explore The Tradition !

Presentation:  This program was adopted by the North Carolina Bowhunters Association in 2011. It stemmed from a long battle to get blood trailing dogs legal in North Carolina (2010). The seminar will discuss how hunters can contact blood trackers if they have a wounded animal lost, how to train and work with a dog, the do's and don’ts of tracking, the equipment needed and what breed of dogs make the best trackers.



Instructor: Allen Bliven – Allen Bliven Calls

Website:   www.allenblivencalls.com

Email: julbliven@earthlink.net 

Bio:  Allen Bliven, of Allen Bliven Calls (ABC), grew up on the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina. It was here that he developed his love for waterfowl hunting. Growing up in a place with such a deep rooted waterfowl history, it was only natural to become obsessed with waterfowl hunting. This obsession has lead Allen and his wife Julie to develop Allen Bliven Calls (ABC) a leading waterfowl call manufacturing company in North Carolina.

Presentation:  Allen Bliven and members of the ABC calling team will demonstrate the differences between competition waterfowl calling and the calling techniques used in hunting situations. They will also stress the importance of introducing our youth to the wonderful sport of waterfowl hunting/calling.



Instructor: Jerry Talton – Core Sound Decoy Carvers Guild

Website:   www.decoyguild.com

Email: jerrytaltondecoys@gmail.com

Bio:  Jerry Talton-Jerry is both an avid waterfowler and carver who carves mostly for his own use, focusing mainly on the traditional methods and materials of the Core Sound area. His decoy carving career evolved from a love for shaping surfboards, which began at an early age. His decoys are influenced greatly by the simplistic elegance of working decoys from coastal North Carolina to Long Island, NY. In addition to the carving, Jerry paints all the decoys himself.

Jerry does not limit his carving to ducks alone, but also makes shorebirds and canvas-covered waterfowl. He will often incorporate salvaged materials from local marshes as well as historic structures and vessels into his decorative pieces which give them a bit of historical significance. He is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the Core Sound Decoy Carver Guild. His pieces can be found in many collections and hunting rigs throughout the United States.

Presentation:  Jerry and other carvers of the Core Sound Decoy Carvers Guild will be demonstrating traditional Core Sound carving techniques and answer any questions that you may have.  They will have various decoys and information about the Guild including events planned for the Annual Core Sound Decoy Festival in Harkers Island, NC.

Volunteers: Will Holder, set up/booth attendant; Andy Pope, Carver; William Parker, Carver; Ted Hood, Set up assistant; Jerry Talton, Carver/Presenter



Instructor: Harold Dorsett-Piedmont Skull Works, RacPlaques

Website: www.piedmontskullworks.com; www.racplaques.com

Email: sales@piedmontskullworks.com

Bio: Harold is a lifelong resident of North Carolina and is an avid hunter and outdoorsman. If he is not hunting or trapping, he is getting ready to go. His love of deer hunting led to his interest in skull cleaning. After cleaning skulls for himself and family for several years, he started cleaning skulls professionally about 5 years ago. He is now retired from corporate American and owns and operates Piedmont Skull Works and assists his eldest son with Racplaques which makes custom displays for Euro and antler mounts. He is a licensed taxidermist and is a member of the NC Taxidermists Association. He has won awards for his skull work at the Surry Community College Mini Course and the NC Taxidermist Association competitions. He is also a member of the NC Trappers Association, serving on the Board of Directors.

Presentation: You will be introduced to the processes involved in cleaning skulls and preparing them for display. Harold will discuss the pros and cons of several methods used in preparation, with emphasis on producing a quality mount. Examples of finished skulls will be available for inspection, along with some examples of the mistakes that are common. Upon leaving this seminar you will have a basic understanding of what it takes to complete your own Euro mount and where to go if you need more information.



Instructors: David Hinceman, Brandon Currin and Joe Finney – Pass’n It On Outdoors

Website: www.passnitonoutdoors.com

Email: David@passnitonoutdoors.com,brandon@passnitonoutdoors.com,joe@passnitonoutdoors.com

Bio: David and Brandon are the Hosts and Producers of the television show Pass'n It On Outdoors. Pass'n It On Outdoors has aired in the Southeastern Region of the US for the last three years and is set to air its fourth season on the Pursuit Channel in 2014. David is an avid bowhunter and has been after whitetails for 38 years but now he adds his passion of filming hunts and producing television to the mix. Brandon also has been hunting majority of his life and added a camera to his gear so he could capture his hunts on film. What started out as a cool thing to do has developed into a business, Currin Productions LLC. In addition to Pass'n It On Outdoors, Brandon films for national TV shows such as Hank Parkers Flesh & Blood, Hank Parker 3D, Outdoor Edge's Love of the Hunt, and Live the Wild Life TV. All in all these two know what it takes to start small and grow as Videographers and Producers.

Presentation: David, Brandon & Joe will discuss the types of camera equipment that are available for those who want to film the outdoors without breaking the Bank. In addition will discuss all the basics you need to know about camera gear. Designed with the beginner in mind, by the time you leave this seminar, you will have the knowledge and understanding to bring you one-step closer to filming the outdoors.

Additional Staff: Pro-Staff Manager Joe Finney



Instructor: HR Carver - Bioplots

Website: www.bioplots.com

Email: info@bioplots.com

Bio:   H.R. Carver is the owner of Bioplots, a full service food plot company that offers food plot installation, mineral supplementation, and consultations to landowners and lease holders who wish to make their property more inviting, and more nutritious, for all of the wildlife that reside there.  He has been a leader in food plot, habitat, and mineral supplementation industry since 2007.

Presentation:   H.R. will speak about successful techniques for planting food plots and maintaining a habitat that deer wish to be in.  Helpful tips for the successful implementation of mineral sites on your property will also be discussed.



Instructor: Frank Newell - Newell Farms Wildlife Center

Website: www.easternbluebirdrescuegroup.org

Email: frankbnewell@yahoo.com

Bio: Frank Newell, his family and staff of volunteers are licensed Federal and NC State wildlife rehabilitators. Frank has been a wildlife rehabilitator for over sixty years. He operates Newell Farms Wildlife Center in Warrenton. He is retired from the U.S. Army with 38 years of service and is a retired U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Wildlife Specialist of 16 years.

Presentation: Frank and his volunteers will have two adult live wolves, a coy dog and a nutria. They will talk about and answer questions on wolves and other species of wildlife.



Instructor: Various members of the NC Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation

Website: www.ncnwtf.com

Presentation: Kids are taught how to make their own turkey call, and how to use it. Different types of calls are usually taught, and the kids get to keep their creation.



Instructor: Dave Woodward - Research Wildlife Biologist, Biology (Zoology) Dept. NCSU - Retired 2007;

Past President: NC Herpetological Society; WCWC member, 30+ years; BS + MS Wildlife Biology; Certified Wildlife Biologist.

Email:  dwoodward002@nc.rr.com

Bio:  David K. Woodward retired from the Biology (Zoology) Department at N.C. State University after 30 years as a Research Wildlife Biologist in 2007. In this position, Woodward worked on team field projects studying a wide variety of wildlife species including alligators, black bears, bobcats, otters, beavers, wild turkeys, osprey, and rabbits. While helping

with studies of the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker during the 1980's in the Sandhills of N.C., he was

introduced to the Northern Pine Snake of this ecosystem. This reptile, designated a species of 'Special Concern'

by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, centered Woodward's life-long appreciation of reptiles to focus on this reptile during the last five years of his career. Receiving research monies from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. Army (Ft. Bragg) allowed Woodward to radio-track 50 pine snakes to determine home ranges, seasonal movements, food and reproductive/nesting habits along with hibernation activity. During Woodward's long career he has given hundreds of public programs in front of thousands of curious citizens regarding the importance of reptiles and amphibians.

Presentation:  This program will focus on common snakes, both venomous and non-venomous, that you might encounter when outdoors in NC.  You’ll get the chance to meet many of these snakes first hand with a few that can be touched by all ages. Come and be educated about snakes, their lives, and why they are such an interesting and important part of North Carolina's wild heritage.



Instructor: Roy Coffee-Retriever World

Website:   www.retrieverworld.com

Email: roycoffeyjr@gmail.com

Bio:  Retriever World is a nationally known company and will be offering Sporting Dog Training Equipment at the Classic. You will see some of the most highly advanced training supplies and equipment used today and learn why and how they are used.  For more information about Retriever World please visit our web site at www.retrieverworld.com or call 1-888-464-0114.

Presentation:  Hunting Retriever's is soaring in popularity. Retriever World's demonstrations are highly educational for those who seek to learn more about how to train their retrievers. This seminar shows you how to develop all of the skills that are necessary for your dog to become a super-hunting retriever. You will see some of the amazing steps used to start puppies with basic obedience, teach hand signals, and see the skills needed to train a top-notch hunting dog. Retriever World will be bringing hunting retriever's to this year’s Dixie Deer Classic. Professional Retriever Trainer, Roy Coffey will be present all weekend to speak with you about training your own dog. Mark sure you don't miss the dogs in actions. The kids will certainly love to see the dogs perform.



Instructor: Marshall Collette- Quaker Boy Game Calls

Website:   www.quakerboy.com

Email: mcollette@mail.com

Bio:  As a 2011 NWTF Hall of Fame inductee, Marshall established himself as a great supporter in the conservation of the Wild Turkey.  He is an accomplished turkey hunter with over 25 years of experience, has appeared on several hunting shows and featured in a number of hunting magazine articles and a pro staffer for Quaker Boy as well as an elite  pro staffer for Mossy Oak. 

Presentation:  In this presentation, Marshall will take you with him on a turkey hunt from daylight to dark.  He will discuss turkey habits, tactics, and demonstrate successful calling techniques. 



Instructor: Jimmy Pierce


Email: beaverstop@nc.rr.com

Bio:  Jimmy has been a lifelong hunter, fisherman and trapper in North Carolina.  He retired as Captain, in 1997, from the Raleigh Police Department.  He is a former president of the North Carolina Trappers Association and currently a professional trapper in central North Carolina.

Presentation:  Jimmy will speak about techniques, equipment and methods in getting started in trapping coyotes in North Carolina.  He will discuss current trends in coyote management and his own knowledge of the animal.