Entering your Trophy

Getting your deer head scored at the Dixie Deer Classic is really simple; you just bring it with you. The price of admission includes scoring one deer head, so all you have to do buy your ticket to get in the show, and then take the deer head to Building Three, The Exposition Center. There you will find in the middle of the floor the "Fortress" or scoring room. The east side of which is the Check-In Counter, where you check in your trophy. This is also where you go to claim it when you are ready to return home. That’s it. Your trophy does not have to be a taxidermy prepared mount, we will score just the antlers on a skull or skull plate. We will NOT score sheds.

For convenience of the check in staff, it is best to have a photo ID with your correct address on it, such as a Drivers License. You will be asked When you took the deer, where (State & County), and How (gun, bow, muzzleloader, car, etc.). If you are a youth hunter (16 or under) or a female there are special categories for your entry. It is not necessary to have and forms from the presiding wildlife agency where the deer was taken. You will be asked to sign the entry form, attesting to the fact that the animal was taken under the guidelines of FAIR CHASE.

In general, during the heaviest crowd times on Saturday, it may take up to two hours for your trophy to be scored and the placed on display on the "Bragging Boards". It should be displayed by the category under which it was scored; i.e. GUN Typical, Bow Non-Typical, Youth, etc. After the trophy is placed on display, it is also available for you to pick up and depart. We do ask that you not check out the deer head until just before you are ready to depart. Carrying it around in the crowd can be potentially dangerous, so be extra careful.

Periodically trophies will be placed on the "Leader Board" just to the left of the Check-In Counter. The heads placed here are the potential category winners. To be considered as a winner, the trophy must be entered for scoring prior to 6 PM on Saturday, and must be present for the Awards Ceremony on Sunday. Category leaders are determined strictly by the scores attained by the trophy, with the exception of Best In Show and the Presidential Award. The Best In Show entry will be determined by vote of the scoring team and some other officials. The Presidential Award, when presented, is nominated by the President of the Wake County Wildlife Club and then passed on by the same judging team that addresses the Best In Show Award.

In addition, should your trophy score high enough to qualify for the Boone and Crockett Record Book or the Pope and Young Record Book, there will be officials from both groups on hand to assist you in filing the proper paper work to get it entered