2014 Attractions

David Hinceman  Pass’n It On Outdoors

If you are like me you're obsessed with Hunting, Bow-hunting, Gun Hunting, Turkey hunting and everything in between. I was introduced to Hunting at a early age by my Grandpa and Uncles, mainly  hunting squirrel and rabbit. In JR high school I met my Best friend Robert Collins. Over the years we have remained best friends and with this relationship we have gained a ton of experience hunting, mainly Deer Hunting.  

Ten years ago we met our good friend Garrett Barger. Garrett seemed to share the same passion for hunting as us.  The opportunity to start hunting in the Mid-west sparked our interest, especially Illinois. We have had great success in the past 7 yrs. as the decision was a good one. We started filming our hunts four years ago.  

We  had a blast filming and soon realized the filming process has allowed us to go back and relive our hunts. Hunting is my passion, especially Bowhunting. I want to thank all the staff, family, friends and sponsors who have helped Pass'n it on Outdoors into its third year on air.

Mike Stroff - Savage Outdoor TV

Mike, 31, was born on Camp Lejeune Marine Corp base in Jacksonville, NC. He grew up there and attended East Carolina University where he graduated in 2003. Mike is married to Christina Stroff and has a daughter Amelia Stroff who is four years old and son Michael who is 1 year old. Mike and his family now call South Texas Home where they run their hunting operation SOE HUNTS and Host Savage Outdoors TV.  

Mike started in the outdoor industry at a very young age. His family owned and operated Flatwoods Outfitters, which was a shooting complex for rifle, pistol, shotgun, and also had 3D archery ranges. To complement the shooting complex, they had a gun shop, archery shop, and black powder store on site. As a young man, Mike learned the retail side of the hunting industry working in the family business.  

Mike's family also owned and operated a commercial hunting lodge in South Carolina. He spent a lot of his teenage summers working there. They specialized in hog, deer, and turkey hunting. In the late 90's they sold their hunting lodge in SC and bought Bowlin Camps in Northern Maine, which was a bear, deer, moose, and fishing operation. During his college years, Mike spent his summers working at the lodge learning the ins and outs of the commercial hunting business. Upon Graduation from College, Mike moved to back to SC and started Black River Plantation specializing in hog, deer, and turkey hunting. During his stay at Black River Plantation, he started Southern Outdoor Experience TV and Black River Production Company LLC. After a few years of getting SOE TV off the ground, Mike and his family sold Black River Plantation, moved out to Texas, and started SOE HUNTS in Uvalde, TX.  

SOE TV was on the air for almost 8 years on multiple national networks. During the years hosting SOE TV, Mike partnered up with Jamie Satterfield. Jamie, Mike, and Mike's dad headed up Black River Production Company, which has matured from SOE TV into the Savage Outdoors TV! Mike, Jamie, and Jacob host Savage Outdoors TV, which is based in Uvalde, TX.

Kip Campbell - Red Arrow TV

Kip grew up in the country near the banks of the James River in Central Virginia and spent his days bow hunting, fishing and playing sports at Fork Union Military Academy.  Kip knew early on he wanted to work with a weapon in his hand, so the military, law enforcement or pro-hunter were the only jobs that would be acceptable in his mind.  The last option seemed pretty farfetched  seeing as how he didn't come from a "big buck" part of the country and had no tie in with a hunting companies.  

After high school, he attended Lynchburg College where it all fell into place.  Playing on the Lynchburg Lacrosse team took up much of his time at school but he continued bow hunt whenever he could.  In his second year, he switched his major to communications and started making short films and hunting videos.  This gave Kip less time in the classroom and more time in the field.  He also found that editing was something he really enjoyed. Then when Chad came to school there in 2003 they formed Shotfish Productions Inc. and started filming what would be the first pilot episode of Red Arrow®.  

Although today the Red Arrow crew hunts all over the world, Kip still lives in the small town of Fork Union and frequently hunts some of the same ground he hunted as a kid.  He wants to see Red Arrow TV become bigger, better and more entertaining each year.  More importantly he wants RA viewers to understand just what hunting and living in the country means to everyone involved with RATV.  He lives for the thrill of killing animals with his bow and enjoying the outdoors with family and friends.

Antler Insanity TV

Show hosts Kenneth Lancaster and Dean Davis are both veterans in the outdoor industry and are well respected across the country.  With years of experience in videography and production, this dynamic duo is set to
take you into their lifestyle of hunting.

What some might consider hardships, actually define the hunter. The late nights of preparation and adrenaline filled sleeplessness on the eve of opening day. Rising long before the sun to enter a cold dark world of uncertain success. The long hours of walking, scouting and preparation in the dog days of summer. All without a moments doubt of whether it’s worth it, but with the enthusiasm of a lifetime of Christmas mornings. The weight of the stand and days of exhaustion will be long forgotten when the memory of a child’s first deer or an old timers last, continue to live, engraved in our minds, urging us on to the next adventure. The culture of the hunter isn’t new, it just has a new name, Antler Insanity.

Primal Instinct

Scott Sciarra

            Born on July 17, 1973 in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Scotts father introduced him to hunting as a young child. By the age of twelve, he had harvested his first whitetail and from then on he has bin addicted! He began to work in the archery business at the age of sixteen and opened his own pro shop at the age of twenty. With his passion for the sport growing with age, he began hunting and guiding throughout the country. This became a turning point in his life and the drive to harvest trophy class animals set in. He loves the challenge of spotting a giant whitetail in the summer and attempting to harvest  him in the fall. There is no greater reward the for Scott than watching a plan come together after all his hard work.

            He has since harvested over one hundred whitetails in his lifetime, with his largest killed in Ohio scoring 187 inches. He has six others that all score over 150 and plenty that fall into the 120-150 class. Most of the success was attributed to land leases across the Midwest that he shares with friends. They work together as a team with the same goals to grow and harvest mature bucks and does practicing quality deer management. Trail camera monitoring and shed hunting fills the voids in the off season.

            Scott also enjoys hunting other big game, especially elk, with his biggest bull with a bow grossing over 365 inches. Some of the other trophy class animals he has harvested include black bears, moose and turkey throughout all parts of North America, and a caribou grossing over 375 in Quebec.

            This would not be possible without the support of his wife Susan and daughter Samantha that he misses when he is gone. They are very encouraging and understand that hunting is his passion.


Dave Stercula

            Dave started hunting in late 1985 as a fifteen year old, sort of late compared to some. But due to not having a mentor to teach him the ins and outs, he literally started reading every magazine or book he could get his hands on to fulfill this burning desire flowing threw him to hunt. As seasons passed he practiced what he read and applied it in the real woods. He quickly learned that he was embarking on one of the biggest and most thrilling challenges the outdoors could offer. With every visit to the woods bringing him just a fraction closer... The addiction was on!

            When Dave was 17, he moved to Pennsylvania after a five year stay in North Carolina and slowly graduating into a serious bow hunter. With the longer seasons he set his goals high right off the start by only shooting a bow, and hunted for a decent buck for his first deer. Needless to say, the adrenaline rush of the chase for mature whitetails left him obsessed, 24/7, 365.

            Dave worked in archery pro shops for several years and even ran his own shop for a few years. Then turned his basement into a full archery shop for all his friends and family to enjoy. Hes also bin filming deer for years, trying to get the awesome experience.  He still Thrives on laying down footage to share with his friends and family. Theres just something about capturing footage in the wild, its the thought of being able to share those experiences forever. 

During the third season, with his artistic eye and his skill level, he is on par with the best in the country. Like Lonnie, this season Dave will also be spending more time in front of the camera as well as behind the lens.


Lonnie Price  

            Lonnie was born and raised in White Hall, Maryland. At a young age, Lonnie discovered his passion for the outdoors and hunting with his father. It all started with a gray squirrel, grew with deer hunting, and became an all out obsession with waterfowl. Lonnie would annually travel with a group of close friends to the mid west to hunt waterfowl for an experience like none other. Here is were he realized taking pictures and filming brings a whole new aspect to hunting. Along with his love for hunting, Lonnie has developed a strong passion for videography and enjoys filming and capturing the experience of the hunt so it can be shared with others.  

            Lonnie spends most of the season traveling, hunting, and filming for the show. This opportunity has given him the chance to hunt, experience and film some incredible animals and sights. As much excitement as Lonnie gets from traveling, he always looks forward every year to waterfowl hunting. This time of year, Lonnie is able to relax and enjoy the company of friends, family, and his dog Gunner. Spring snow geese are definitely one of his favorite hunts he looks forward to. In the off season, he trains and keeps Gunner in tip top shape, specifically tuned for waterfowl retrieving. While doing all of this, Lonnie also is vice president of his family business; Polished Concrete Systems. Polished Concrete Systems takes an average concrete floor and turns it into a polished masterpiece that is a low maintenance super durable floor that will last for many years.




Chris Carr  

When Chris was young, he remembers waiting for his Father to return from deer camp to hear the stories and what he brought home.  Chris use to count down the days until he was old enough to go out with his Dad and hunt.  When he turned 12, his Father agreed to take him up state PA, Tioga County.  The one condition was no weapon.  Hunting is not about killing, its about the outdoors and spending time with family and friends.  He told Chris, if you enjoy it without the killing part, you can get your license and hunt from that point on.  It goes without saying, Chris instantly loved all that hunting had to offer.  After his Wilkes University and semi-pro football career came to an end in 1998, he was even more hooked than before.  To Chris, the hunt is not about the size of the rack, its about time spent with family and friends.  Chris is married to his beautiful wife Heather (who puts up with his hunting obsession).  His daughter Ally loves to fish.  And, his two sons Quinn and Owen now wait at the window for their Dad to get home with the stories and now videos from the hunt.